Shampoo Bars 🚿 πŸ§Ό

A great step towards a greener lifestyle is switching your shampoo to a solid bar. Not only because it doesn’t involve plastic but also it stops the waste of water being shipped around in bottles. There are now many companies getting involved with creating shampoo bars. Some very good, some not much better than aContinue reading “Shampoo Bars 🚿 πŸ§Ό”

Getting creative with recycling β€” TerraCycle News

To all of our recycling rockstars out there, your continued dedication to recycling the non-recyclable is inspiring and impactful. We deeply appreciate your efforts… Getting creative with recycling β€” TerraCycle News This is a fantastic idea!! Use link to see full post πŸ’šβ™»οΈπŸŒŽ

Recycling Labels Explained [Visual]

Originally posted on ecogreenlove:
According to a BBC poll, 47% of people report having arguments about what types of plastic can be recycled. The reason for the confusion? There are seven different types of plastic packaging and some are recycled more often than others. Also, due to funding and resources available, each local authority collects…