Eco friendly water filtering πŸ’¦

Why do I bother to filter my water?

  • My tap water doesn’t taste very nice
  • Filtering helps to remove chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals from our tap water
  • I drink a lot of water! Either alone or in dilute juice/cordial
  • I like my water very cold so I keep the jug in the fridge too

I was horrified to realise that my water filtering habits were contributing to the plastic pollution crisis whilst using the brita water filter jug I had owned for years! The statistics show that more than 100 million water filter cartridges go into landfill every year!! 😱 #ThisNeedsToStop

I saw Phox water advertised online a while ago, I found the concept fantastic. It seemed expensive to get started though and so, I didn’t make the decision to switch for a few months after trying to go back to tap water and not enjoying it.

So, I made the leap and ordered the Phox V2 water filter system and it arrived 3 weeks ago. (arrived very quickly)

I broke the box. Oops!
The Jug and its parts were extremely simple to put together!
Easy to follow.

The Phox V2 jug has a removable cartridge which is used to fill with filtration granules that can be changed easily.

Phox offer 2 kinds of filtration dependent on your needs….

I have been using this jug for around 3 – 4 weeks now with no problems. It doesn’t leak, water is always clean and clear and tastes that way too. The jug holds around 2L of water πŸ’§ and is easy to refill without having to remove any lids etc.

What is in the granules that you fill the cartridge with? πŸ€” 🧐

The granules come in a small packet which is plastic free, natural rice paper, along with a carbon felt disk in the same packaging.

What do Phox have to say about their product invention?….

It cost me Β£67.99 for the filter jug + 12 months supply of filter. So that cost is only once and covers a year period of use too (some people it may last longer for if you don’t use it as often).

You can also choose to go with the Jug + 3 month supply option for Β£39.99 but you do save on getting 3 months free if you go with the 12 month option.

There after a 3 month supply refill pack is Β£14 – working out at roughly Β£4.66 per month if you change the filter at the recommended time frames. Or, a 12 month supply is Β£50 – working out at roughly Β£4.16 per month.

And…. The most positive part of the switch!

πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»

Over all I am very happy with the switch and so pleased I made the decision.

I have not yet thrown away the old brita jug as it is plastic πŸ™„ and I’m considering how I might be able to repurpose it.. maybe a whacky planter or a terranium of some sort? Do you have any ideas? Let me know!

More posts coming soon!!

Lots a love Dee xXx πŸ’š

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