Want to build a climate positive workforce?

Are you a business that would like to take action for a climate positive workforce?

Over at Ecologi.com they are offering a carbon offset and reforestation programme for businesses to build a climate positive workforce.

What are the benefits to this?

  • Sustainability is among the most important attributes for employees in 2020. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.
  • Their plans include an allowance for employee business and personal travel. They use averages so there are no complex calculations or tracking needed.
  • Your own company forest! Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your forest will grow every month and be visible for your employees and customers to see on your public sustainability profile.
  • Show your commitment to sustainability by planting trees for every sale or new client.
  • Get insights and data about your impact with their simple API. Included with every new subscription.
  • Achieve net zero strategy.
  • Demonstrate the incredible climate impact you’re having with your own public facing business profile page…..

Show the world your climate positive workforce and celebrate how many trees you’ve planted as a business with their static and dynamic badges which come in plenty of styles and will work with any website.

Example of a badge for your business website

Head over to ecologi to find out more. Use their calculator to enter your number of staff and take it from there. Join 2334 other businesses who are doing the same!


More recommendations coming soon!

Lotsa love Dee! xXx

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