Awesome ways to plant trees this Christmas πŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸ’š

Have you heard of Ecologi?

They raise funds to support The Eden Reforestation Project who plant millions of trees around the world each month. Which also helps you to offset your carbon footprint.

At Ecologi we invest your money into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than your own carbon footprint puts in. Each month we support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent.

If you sign up to ecologi you set up a personal profile and personal plan based on how frequently you fly etc. The basic plan works out at Β£1.12 per week and plants 12 trees every month. You can also set yourself ecogoals within your profile.

The awesome thing this Christmas is that you can gift trees and you get a lot of trees for your money! (No subscription needed!)

The gift of climate action… these gifts include tree planting and carbon offsets via projects:

🌳 £13.50 = 36 trees for 3 months climate positive

🌲£27 = 72 trees for 6 months climate positive

🌳 £54 = 144 trees for 12 months climate positive

The gift of a forest, these trees will be planted in the most climate effective places around the world:

🌲 £12 = gift a mini forest! 100 trees

🌳 £30 = 250 trees!

🌲 £60 = 500 trees!

How does it work as a gift?

After payment you will receive an email with your gift card attached as a PDF. The gift card can then be printed out or sent via email to your recipient. Once received your recipient can redeem their gift online with their unique gift code.

I hope you love this recommendation, and more coming soon!

Lotsa love Dee! xXx

If you wish to also continue helping reforestation for free every time your surf the web then please see my blog post here: ECOSIA – one of the most effortless and free ways to help our planet = amazing 🌱 🌲 🌳 🌎 πŸ’•

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