Do you have a local refill store?

Hi guys! Where I live there are now a few small refill stores. I don’t know about you, but I was nervous about going at first. Firstly because I was worried about looking stupid about not knowing how it all worked and what I should do! Worried the products may be no good etc.

I started with a couple of small things. I filled a glass bottle with white spirit vinegar which cost me something like 0.70p – small change! Definitely worth it. I bought it to use for cleaning the washing machine, once every 3 months is all it needs, especially as I now use the eco laundry softener which contains zero animal fat (I was shocked when I learned about out this!) but basically it now costs me around 0.70 to clean my washer 3 times, and doesn’t harm the planet with toxic chemicals πŸ’š

I also bought washing up liquid. And I was pleasantly surprised, it performed the same as a good quality supermarket β€˜own brand’ but I wouldn’t say as well as the leading brand. It cost no less, and no more. So I guess with this one it’s about weighing up the pros and cons such as reducing plastic waste.

They also had many other items available such as toilet cleaner refill, cooking oil refill, liquid shampoo refill, solid soaps and shampoos, crisp packet recycle point and much more! So they are really worth a visit as there’s bound to be something you will find useful in your earth friendly journey.

I’ve recently heard that one of the leading super markets; ASDA will soon be opening a trial eco refill store in my city, where they will offer refills of the big brand food products. I really cannot wait to try this when it opens!! I really hope it is a success as I feel we really need supermarkets to move in this direction on a grand scale for a much greater, widespread benefit (worldwide).

I’m interested to know what you have in your area and how well you feel it works?

More product/service recommendations coming from me soon! 🌎

Happy weekend all! Lotsa love, Dee! xXx

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