Green Energy 🌎


Bulb are the UK’s biggest green energy supplier! Here’s a list of the main reasons…. impressed with those then read on to find out more – (go to the page bottom for Β£50 credit link) 😍

πŸ’š Awesome prices with big savings

🌳 100% green Electricity

πŸ’š 100% Carbon neutral gas

🌳 Renewable sources also used

πŸ’š Bulb Foundation make grants to charities tackling the climate crisis head on

🌳 Their app is awesome and works perfectly, making everything SO easy

πŸ’š They are the UK’s biggest green energy supplier

🌳 They have a carbon footprint calculator (the easiest to use i’ve ever seen and an easy offset plan too)

πŸ’š The only green energy supplier for me!

There are so many reasons to love bulb!! And if all of the above wasn’t impressive enough.. Bulb now have their own offset carbon feature – answer the questions on their very own calculator to see what your current carbon footprint is and how much you should donate to carbon reduction prjects to offset that…. I did mine…

SO SO proud that my carbon footprint was already over 70% smaller than the UK average. The biggest part of that being because I am a bulb customer πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

You can also have smart meters fitted for free by Bulb so that you no longer need to enter meter readings, and can also see your live usage – unfortunately as I rent, my landlord denied permission for me to have one fitted! πŸ˜’

🌎🌳🌎🌳 And finally… heres a perk for you from Earth Fixers, if you would like to get Β£50 credited to your bulb account when you switch (who wouldn’t!?) then use this Link HERE and if you are a business use this link HERE 🌎🌳🌎🌳

Have a great weekend guys and see you again soon. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates on new posts and follow me on twitter too!

Lots a love Dee xXx

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